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About Us

Aisela started as a luxury transport company, providing politicians, celebrities, and other VIP’s hotel-like amenities on-the-road. While our clients loved our coasters, we would often hear their yearning for the same kind of experience throughout their entire trip. Our clients wanted the luxury of travelling at their own pace, doing only what they love, with amenities that suited their desires. Thus, Aisela was reborn.

Today, we are a bespoke travel company that aims to provide the same luxurious feel from our coasters, in every aspect of our client’s trip. We are a Travel Partner that customizes and executes holistic vacations to give our clients their most extraordinary and memorable holiday.

With Aisela, you can experience travelling at its luxurious best. What does that entail? Contact us and we’ll design it for you.




Someone who designs a trip, journey, or experience “A journeyologist travels with confidence.”

Our Lead Journeyologists

Marielle Barraza

Marielle has all of the qualities you’d come to expect from a good leader: she’s charismatic, positive, driven, and goes the extra mile to ensure that each player of her team is motivated and successful. It’s no wonder that in less than a decade, she’d achieve an MBA and an executive position that people who’ve worked for much longer have only dreamed of.

Her career started as a Travel and Tours consultant in one of the leading travel companies in the Philippines, arranging corporate tours and conferences for groups of 50 and over at a time. While she discovered a love for travel and a heart for service in this industry, she’d shortly after move on to a start-up local fitness chain as a Sales Executive (SE). Here she’d hone her management skills and, in just a year, would move up from SE to Branch Manager -- this is while going on several tours around the world in her downtime. After she’s done all she can to make her branch succeed, Marielle moved onto one of the biggest challenges in her life: her MBA.

Sixteen months and a shiny-new AIM-MBA later, she embarks on the next chapter of an upward career as the General Manager of Aisela. Today, Marielle brings her experience, positivity, leadership, and jetsetter nature to help Aisela clients experience their extraordinary journeys.

Trixie Segundo

Trixie’s love for travel and the outdoors was sparked at a young age, thanks to frequent hikes and camping trips with her family. Her world opened up years later, when she participated in international cheer competitions as a member and captain of one of the country’s cheerleading teams. Not only did she get the privilege to represent her school and her country, she also got the chance to discover new places and learn about different cultures across Asia and Europe. She has been an avid traveler since, always eager to explore and go on new adventures.

Trixie is a seasoned marketing professional, helping grow companies such as a performance and sports apparel brand, and a Circuit Training pioneer in the fitness industry. In 2017, she took her talents to a leading online travel e-commerce company, where she was able to build new partnerships and develop her interpersonal skills.

With Trixie’s vast and extensive experience in marketing, as Aisela’s Marketing Manager, she aims to share her own travel experience by providing clients with new and unique experiences, tailor-made for their remarkable and exceptional travels.

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