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Aisela Travel Leisure Corporation believes that traveling feeds the soul and the spirit. Traveling in luxury is not about cost, but the service is the one that creates the luxury.

Aisela Travel focuses on unique, well-curated, and hassle-free travel itineraries. We want our own clients to experience the extraordinary.

But also most importantly, Aisela promotes sustainable tourism and responsible travel. When you travel with with us, you are not just expanding your experiences and creating delightful memories, you are also helping save the environment.




Someone who designs a trip, journey, or experience “A journeyologist travels with confidence.”

Our Lead Journeyologists

Marielle Barraza

Marielle, an undergraduate of BS Tourism and got her MBA degree just recently, is looking forward to a bright future for her start-up travel company. She has been around the globe and loves to share her experiences to other people. She brings her work experiences, positivity, leadership, and jetsetter nature to help Aisela clients experience their extraordinary journeys.

"You are free to be curious and explore without the certainty of what's gonna happen."

Trixie Segundo

Trixie's love for travel and the outdoors was sparked at a young age, thanks to frequent hikes and travels with her family. She has been an avid traveler ever since, always eager to explore and go on new adventures! With Trixie's vast and extensive experience in Marketing, she aims to share her own travel experience by providing clients new and unique experiences, tailor-made for them

"You have yet to see all there is to see, and that is a beautiful thing."

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