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8 Local Travel Bloggers You Should Check Out

Written by Frances Nito & Marielle Barraza

As a small and budding travel blog, Team Aisela is always on the lookout for other amazing and well-seasoned travel blogs to serve as our inspiration. After all, writing travel blogs is no easy feat. Out of all the travel blogs we’ve seen and combed through, here are the top six that caught our attention the best:

Discover MNL

When people think of travel blogs, they immediately think of out-of-town destinations and province hopping. But not Discover MNL. Discover MNL’s travel blog mainly focuses on food, culture, and hidden gems scattered throughout Metro Manila and beyond.

Founded by Lucky Alabado, Discover MNL aims to “help support local craft and talent as well as showcase just what the Philippines is all about in terms of travel, culture, and hospitality.” She’s also been working with her partner, Walter Siy, who has been a great contributor to Discover MNL’s content. What a perfect combination, right?

See more about Discover MNL here: http://www.discovermnl.com/ 

I am Aileen

At 21, Aileen Adalid quit her corporate job in the Philippines to pursue her dreams of traveling the world and build her own business. Today she is now a successful digital nomad (online entrepreneur, solo female travel blogger and vlogger) who has traveled all 7 continents! We rarely hear about and meet people who have seen all 7 continents and that’s one of the reasons why you should check out Aileen’s page!

She aims to show everyone that it is absolutely possible to create a life of travel no matter the odds, and she will help you achieve that as she shares her comprehensive (super detailed!!) travel guides, adventures, resources, tips, and more in her blog. 

Read more about Aileen’s guides and tips here: https://iamaileen.com/

The Poor Traveler 

Founded by Vins Carlos and Yosh Dimen, The Poor Traveler offers free travel guides to help travelers all over the world to make smart and budgeted traveling decisions.

The blog is a combination of Vins and Yosh’s anecdotes about their own hilarious misadventures and free travel guides and tips. Traveling is no perfect hobby but definitely worth it. 

See more about them here: https://www.thepoortraveler.net/

The Pinay Solo Backpacker

Last 2012, Gael Hilotin decided to quit her job to travel around the Philippines for 7 long months. Thus, the Pinay Solo Backpacker was born. Through her blog, she aims to inspire her readers to explore the Philippines and the world as well as empower Filipinas through travel. A lot of people, most especially women, are afraid of traveling solo and because of Gael’s blog we believe that she had influenced a lot of individuals to go solo and travel the Philippines. Truly an inspiring woman!

The Pinay Solo Backpacker blog is complete with travel destinations, travel guides, visa guides, budget stays, and DIY itineraries all over the Philippines as well as international destinations. 

See more here: https://www.thepinaysolobackpacker.com/ 


Founder of Lakwatsero, Angel Juarez, is a backpacker, adventure seeker, son of a beach, hobbyist photographer, scuba diver, aspiring marine conservation biologist, environment advocate, runner, mountain biker, budget traveler, seasonal mountaineer and newbie surfer. We know what you’re thinking, “he’s been living his life to the fullest!” and we agree with you! This is a sign for you that nothing is impossible as long as you pursue what you really, really want. 

He started chasing sunsets, waterfalls, lighthouses and extreme adventures as soon as he finished college. He dreamed of documenting and sharing his adventures to the world; thus, he created his travel blog which is complete with travel guides and cultural spots. 

Know more about her and all her travels here: https://www.lakwatsero.com/

The Solitary Wanderer

Aleah Taboclaon, founder of The Solitary Wanderer, is a professional writer, editor, and certified digital nomad.

Her blog is a mix of Philippine and international destinations as well as guides and tips on extreme adventures, itineraries, reviews, solo travel tips, solo travel city guides and visa guides among many others. If you want to know more about unrevealed facts of destinations, you should definitely visit her blog.

See more here: https://www.solitarywanderer.com/

Explore with Chelo

Challe and Jelo, who have been together for almost 11 years now, started their page Explore with Chelo! As a couple, they prioritize exploring off-the-beaten paths in the Philippines which makes them unique and fun to work with. A couple who loves to discover unseen places, tries out new food cuisines, looks forward to exciting adventures, and shares their life and travel hacks!

Their page is really useful and relevant, we assure you!

Check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/ExploreWithCheloPH

Sun-kissed Somewhere

Last but definitely not the least, our travel ambassador, Ayn Bernos, also has her own blog called Sun-kissed Somewhere! Currently, she’s been focusing more on vlogging, doing her podcast, and empowering women through her brand called Morena the Label.

Her blog is worth the read because of her personal approach in her discoveries of different Philippine destinations, as well as her personal experience how she moved to Spain, and why came back home here in the Philippines.

Read more about this inspirational woman here: https://www.sunkissedsomewhere.com/


To our Aisela Community,

It is a well-known fact that the travel industry is far from stability in these trying times. As much as we tried to roll with the punches, it is still inevitable for us to pause and reassess our situation. In this regard, Team Aisela will be taking a temporary break as a Travel Company. We are overwhelmed with everyone’s support and we cannot thank you all enough for sticking with us through thick and think.

For those who are still waiting for their refunds and rebooking, don’t worry! We are still working on it and we will keep you updated from time to time. 

We remain as your trusted travel partner and until we can fully function again with the whole travel industry, we hope for your kind understanding.


Team Aisela 

(Marielle, Trixie, Ces, Mark)

Snap and Shoot: Tips on How to Take the Best Photos on Your Next Travel 2.0

*Questions answered by the DiscoverMNL Team

Lucky and Waltz of Discover MNL also answers some of the most asked questions related to travel photography composition such as:

1) What are the best editing apps?

-Lightroom for desktop and Lightroom, VSCO, Snapseed for mobile phone

2) When is “too much” when it comes to editing?

-When areas of your photos appear to be “sunog” or overexposed. Make sure, in coloring your photos, that you don’t lose necessary details in the photo and mind your skin tones. Let’s not create orange people!

3) What is the recommended lens for landscape photography?

-XF 8-16 MM F2.8 R LM OIS WR

4) What is the best lens to bring when travelling that can-do landscape and some portraits?

-XF 16 MM F1.4 WR and XF 18-55 MM F2.8-4 R LM OIS

5) Any advice for taking food photos?

-If possible, shoot with natural light. Use custom white balance. In case of uneven lighting, fill in shadows using a reflector, or any white surface available. Our go-to lens is XF 35 MM F1.4 R and XF 80 MM (macro) for less distortions and more sharp and detailed food shots. In editing, enhance the colors, but keep them as close as possible to the actual color of the food.

6) Any tips for beginners?

-Don’t overthink! Shoot until you discover what fits your personality best. You don’t always have to know everything from the beginning, have fun learning as you go.

Visit their Instagram and Facebook pages as well:




The DiscoverMNL Team photography tips in the link below! Learn from the one of the best!

Snap and Shoot: Tips On How To Take The Best Photos On Your Next Travel

Remember that practice and progression are key to get that perfect travel photo of yours! If you have questions about photography and travel, follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated. 

Snap and shoot: Tips On How To Take The Best Photos On Your Next Travel

In Partnership with DiscoverMNL
(content from Lucky Alabado & Waltz Siy)
Written by Frances Nito

A good photo is just as significant in every travel as the trip itself. It serves as both memorabilia and souvenir that we love sharing to everybody. Now that the “ber” months are here, we missed travelling and curating personalized itineraries for you more than ever.

Even though we are all cooped up at home, now is actually the perfect time to brush up on your photography skills (yes, even at home!) so that when we can #TravelTomorrow, you’re ready to snap and shoot at any given moment!

DIscoverMNL has been one of our trusted partners not only in traveling but also in taking photos. Learn more from the DiscoverMNL team by reading the whole blog!

The most basic tip in travel photography is to do your assignment! Research about the place before your trip so you have an idea on how it looks like. This entails:

-Searching for the location you’re going to get an initial idea of how the place looks like

-Finding pegs you want your subject or photo to look like

-Reading books or blogs about the place to get a feel of the place

-Watching videos from local tourism sites or vlogs from travelers who visited the place

After you’ve done your pre-travel assignment, check out below the 12 travel photography composition ideas created by Lucky and Waltz of Discover MNL in partnership with Fujifilm:

Photo by: Trixie Segundo

Capture it raw. Don’t overthink it and have fun shooting candid, spur of the moment photos.

Best lens to use: XF 18-55 MM F2.8-4 R LM IOS

Photo by: Ivan Lantin

Capture a feeling.

Best lens to use: XF 18-55 MM F2.8-4 R LM IOS

Photo by: Ivan Lantin

Go small. Place your subject at the far end of your shot and play with scale and framing.

Best lens to use: XF 8-16 MM F2.8 R LM OIS WR

Photo by: Marielle Barraza

Go out of focus. Add drama with out of focus shots and blurred out foregrounds.

Best lens to use: XF 35 MM F1.4 R

Dreamy long exposures. Create dreamy, creamy long exposure shots of light and motion.

Best lens to use: XF 8-16 MM F2.8 R LM OIS WR

Add motion. Freeze a moment in time.

Camera settings:

Set to continuous mode

Select wide/tracking AF mode

Choosing a shutter speed of at least 1/500 to freeze the moment

Experiment with your shutter speed

Photo by: Ivan Lantin

Change your perspective. Go for unconventional angles, heights, and distances.

Best lens to use: XF 8-16 MM F2.8 R LM OIS WR

Photo by: Leo Segundo

Lead the way. Master the art of leading lines and incorporate symmetry and patterns to your shots.

Best lens to use: XF 8-16 MM F2.8 R LM OIS WR

Photo by: Ivan Lantin

Match your palette. Come up with interesting shots via color coordination.

Best lens to use: XF 16 MM F1.4 R WR

Photo by: Trixie Segundo

Reflect. Keep an eye out for puddles, glass, mirrors, and other reflective things that can make your shot more interesting.

Best lens to use: XF 18-55 MM F2.8-4 R LM OIS

Photo by: Leo Segundo

Play with lights and shadows. Add drama, suspense, and a sense of mystery to your photos. Slowly reveal a moment and challenge your audience to look deeper into your shots.

Camera settings: 

You can use a kit lens or a telephoto lens, keep your shutter speed at 1/250 to refrain from shakey output.

Take your time and experiment.

Photo by: Marielle Barraza

Beat the tourists. Rise and shine! Make the most of your day by being on the scene before anyone else

Visit @fujifilm’s Instagram story highlights:

Fujifilm PH Instagram

Visit their Instagram and Facebook pages as well:




They also answered questions about travel photography, if you’re interested, click the link below:

Snap and Shoot: Tips on How to Take the Best Photos on Your Next Travel 2.0

Now that we’ve looked into the 12 travel photography composition by Lucky and Waltz of Discover MNL, it’s time for you to put their tips to practice! Try playing with lights and shadows, change your perspective, and go out of focus with subjects at your very own home. With a little time, practice, and patience you’ll be ready to snap and shoot for your #TravelTomorrow!

Aisela Sustainable Travel Kits: The Pride of Our Travel Services

Written by: Frances Nito

It’s been five months since we’ve shifted to work from home set-up. As the months pass by and the Covid-19 rages on, our business as a travel company continues to face a big blow along with the whole tourism industry sector.

Not one to give up without a fight, we decided to adapt and pivot our business and launch the pride of our travel services, our Aisela Sustainable Travel Kits.

We know everyone has their own personal kits when they travel. From passport to powerbank, charger, earphones, and even toiletries, it is the one thing we can never bear to leave behind or dare to lose on the trip. That is why as a travel company, we ensure to always send our clients off on their trip with Aisela’s Sustainable Travel Kit. It is our way of letting our clients know we care for them and our way of giving back to Mother Nature by advocating sustainable practices.

Aisela Sustainable Travel Kit Bundle Contents: Customized Travel Pouch, Luggage Tag, Two (2) Reusable Metal Straws (straight & bent), and A Brush Cleaner

Bundle A comes with a travel photo freebie! Watch out for this as this is limited edition! Only a few people can avail of it.

Bundle B, unfortunately, does not. I don’t think you even need to think twice about this!

Aside from this, we also sell the canvas pouches and straw sets per item.

Moving forward, we will be donating 20% of the proceeds to our partner organization, Fund the Forest, who is in line with our mission and vision as a travel company.

More about Fund the Forest:

Fund the Forest is a Filipino-focused non-profit project that aims to empower vulnerable groups as well as conserve and protect our environment.

They use social media to educate their audience about important social and environmental issues as well as avenues of action that anyone can take part of.

Fund the Forest has a couple of projects that focus on the immediate needs of those who are suffering from the pandemic the most. One is Food Not Fear campaign which is an ongoing initiative which aims to help feed urban poor families across Metro Manila through fresh produce from local farmers. There is another campaign yet to be launched and we will aim to help fund this too!


This is a great way for the travel industry to help other sectors of the economy. We really hope you can join us support small businesses and local organizations in times like this.

Again, it is never too late to start planning and preparing for your trip in the future. Something sustainable and useful for your #TravelTomorrow is coming your way.

Place your order here – https://forms.gle/okfKRN69aY4s8Ho19

#SupportLocal #LoyalAkoSaLokal #WeRecoverAsOne #TravelTomorrow #ExplorewithAisela

7 Sustainable Practices You Can Do Right Now

Written by: Frances Nito

It has been four months since the start of the community quarantine and living with the new normal is not easy, but definitely something we can adapt to. We believe that if there is one positive thing that came out of this pandemic, our mother earth was able to breathe again, even if for a short while, in the four months that the world stood still.

Being one with the earth, we in Aisela take a stand in promoting these seven sustainable practices everyone can do right now.

Skip straws and plastic utensils when ordering take-out and delivered food.

With eating dine-in being allowed only until lately and with the strict compliance to social distancing, ordering take-out and delivered food has become the norm. For those eating at home, always opt to skip straws and plastic utensils! You can add it as a small note at the end of your every order.

Bring your eco bags when buying groceries.

It is common knowledge that our oceans, beaches, and other bodies of water are choke filled with garbage, usually caused by plastic. You can help by lessening your consumption of single use plastic and plastic bags from groceries by bringing your very own reusable ecobags and tote bags every time you shop.

Use washable face masks instead of disposable ones.

With the increase in demand for single use, disposable face masks also comes a trail of garbage left in its wake. As millions of people buy and throw these disposable face masks by the day, they have slowly become the next contributor to sea pollution, closing in on plastic. By using washable face masks, you not only help control the sea pollution, you also get to save your money by only buying once your face masks and make your own fashion statement!

Bring your own tumbler and water bottles when buying drinks outside.

By bringing your own tumbler and water bottles, you also take another step further in avoiding and lessening your consumption of single use plastic and paper cups which helps not only our oceans, but our trees as well. There are also some shops and stores that offer various and interesting deals when you bring your own tumbler.

Use your bike or electric scooter when doing quick errands or lend it to someone who needs it.

If you have a bike or electric scooter at home, now is the perfect time to bring it out and use it for your quick errands to the grocery. With the absence of common modes of transportation such as tricycles and jeepneys, a lot of people have resorted to walking in order to get to their work. If you have an extra bike or are not using yours and is only sitting idly at home, put it to better use and lend it to anyone who is in need! Make sure also to use these transportations when you’re going to travel just for a short distance instead of driving your car.

Conserve water and electricity at home!

Paying water and electric bills is no joke and no small feat, we’ve seen how much bills have spiked up during this quarantine. It takes up quite a certain amount of your salary and we often take it for granted. In order to avoid higher water and electric bill consumption, always unplug your electronic devices when not in use. Alternating the use of high consuming appliances such as air-condition, television, and washing machines every other day is also highly recommendable.

Continue supporting local and sustainable businesses.

The pandemic has limited the movement of people outside, but not on social media. The demand for local goods and staple needs have increased dramatically and we have witnessed over and over again in different social media platforms an abundant support to the local businesses offering these products. Small and simple acts such as buying and sharing their products online is sometimes enough support for them. Some of the local and sustainable businesses we, in Aisela, support are the following:

Daydream Republic – pinboard maps and reusable products

Pilianiph – wellness products and special blend of Pili and Elemi oils

Dream Coffee – single estate Arabic coffee beans from Tboli farmers

Tara Baraha – card decks featuring the Philippines

Kalinga HandWoven Masks – face masks with a variety of Kalinga weave

With all that we have said above, we still encourage everyone to stay at home most especially when we do not have anything important to do outside. Staying home doesn’t only protect ourselves but also our loved ones around us. Let us all stay home and travel together tomorrow!

We can’t wait to #ExplorewithAisela again with you all!

0917-556-3613 / 0917-815-5399

500-6554 / 906-4395



6 Filipino Movies That Will Take You Around The Philippines

Written by: Frances Nito

As much as we love traveling and watching international travel films, our local destinations and Filipino travel movies still hold a special place in our heart because we are #LoyalAkoSaLokal. What about you? Have you also traveled to some of the top local destinations in the movies mentioned below? 

That Thing Called Tadhana

Directed by: Antoinette Jadaone

Starring: Angelica Panganiban, JM de Guzman

Setting: Benguet | Session Road, Baguio | Sagada

Plot: Struggling with having excess baggage, Mace meets Anthony who offered to help her out. The two formed a bond and embarked on a journey to mend their hearts and move on from their past.

Our take: According to the prescription of this movie, a good walk on the Session Road in Baguio and a trek to Mt. Kiltepan in Sagada is, if not a good enough cure, a temporary alternative for the heartbroken. Because of this movie, Baguio and Sagada not only became our favorite summer capital in the Philippines, but also the go-to escape of the broken hearted.

Crazy Beautiful You

Directed by: Mae Czarina Cruz-Alviar

Starring: Kathryn Bernanrdo, Daniel Padilla

Setting: Tarlac | Zambales

Plot: Rebellious Jackie was sent to her mom’s medical mission in the Aeta community in Tarlac where she meets local boy Kiko, who helped her find herself and realize the importance of family and love.

Our take: Not only did this movie fascinatingly portray the local version of the classic obnoxious city girl meets cute local boy, it also offered a glimpse of the simple life in the Aeta Community in Capas, Tarlac, attaining the perfect balance of portraying the point of view of an outsider and an insider in an indigenous community. Last but not the least, this movie also offered the most gorgeous view of the “beautiful disaster,” Mt. Pinatubo.

Sakaling Hindi Makarating

Directed by: Ice Idanan

Starring: Alessandra de Rossi, Pepe Herrera

Setting: Zamboanga | Marinduque | Ilocos | Siquijor | Batanes

Plot: Cielo embarks on a journey throughout the Philippines to find the sender of the series of postcard paintings she received, also known as the mysterious ‘M.’ 

Our take: According to the director, Ice Idanan, this movie is her love letter to the Philippines, an ode to the simple beauty and amazing wonders of our country. More than the soul searching portrayed in this movie, what we really love is how Cielo interacted and completely immersed herself with the local communities she came across, even to the point of exchanging her phone for swimming lessons. We believe that is the true essence of traveling, be it local or international. 

Can’t Helping Falling In Love

Directed by: Cathy Garcia-Molina

Starring: Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla

Setting: Camotes Island | Dalaguete | Argao | Boljoon | Oslob

Plot: After they mistakenly ended up marrying each other, Gab and Dos go on a journey in search of the person who can dissolve the contract of their marriage.

Our take: Though the actual traveling started in the second half of the movie, it was well worth the wait as our favorite Kathniel tandem takes us to an incredible sightseeing trip all over Cebu, awakening in us a new equal sense of wonder and appreciation for the Queen City of the South.

Mr. and Mrs. Cruz

Directed by: Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

Starring: Ryza Cenon, JC Santos

Setting: Puerto Princesa | El Nido

Plot: A supposed “me-time” of Raffy and Gela’s getaway into Palawan turned into a blooming romance between two individuals escaping from the reality of their life.

Our take: This movie is the third movie in our list about broken hearted individuals traveling to escape the reality of their lives. As cliché as it may sound, we believe that traveling is indeed a way to move on with life by breaking the bubble and meeting new people, gaining new experiences, and seeing the world from a bigger perspective.


Directed by: Paul Soriano

Starring: Erich Gonzales, Jericho Rosales, Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Setting: Siargao Island

Plot: In order to escape public humiliation, Diego flies back to his hometown in Siargao and meets Laura, a vlogger trying to find herself after her failed relationship.

Our take: Though this movie did not fare well with critics and movie lovers, we believe it was still one for the keeps about travel movies in the Philippines as it stunningly captured the beautiful beaches, waves, and even the lifestyle in the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao.

Heartbroken or not, there is no excuse to #TravelTomorrow to all the beautiful provinces in the Philippines. Once traveling is allowed again, make sure to pack up your bags and head straight to any of these six provinces!


0917-556-3613 / 0917-815-5399

500-6554 / 906-4395



5 Movies To Help You Plan For Your Southeast Asia Backpacking Trip

Written by: Frances Nito

Does being cooped up at home make you wonder when you’ll get to travel again? In light of the world’s current situation, traveling does seem like it will become a foreign concept for the time being. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up planning for your next trip! In this blog, we’ve compiled five movies that will not only entertain you, but also give you a serious case of wanderlust and help you plan for your next Southeast Asia backpacking trip!

5. Explore Cambodia with Lara Croft,

the Tomb Raider

Movie: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Directed by: Simon West, Jan de Bont

Starring: Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig, Iain Glen

Plot: Lara Croft, a treasure hunter, races against a secret society in search of an artefact that can control time and solve the mystery behind her father’s death.

Our Take: Though this movie is essentially an action movie rather than a travel movie, it gave an interesting glimpse into the mysterious ruins and ancient temples abundant in Cambodia. As evident from the movie, Cambodia is a land of mystery and history, the perfect country for history and archeology buffs and definitely not for the faint of heart and week in the knees!

Serious Case of Wanderlust: 3/5

Bayon Temple, Angkor Thom Angkor Archeological Park, Siem Reap Cambodia

More about the featured temple: The Bayon Temple complex, situated in the north of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, was said to be once positioned at the very heart of the ancient city of Angkor Thom and is easily accessible from various directions by a hired tuk-tuk or bicycle on a tour which can also take you to the Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm. Be sure to pack comfortable clothes, walking shoes, and light bags for this trip!

Learn more about Cambodia here: https://www.tourismcambodia.com/

4. Time Flies By As If It Is Already Tomorrow

in Hong Kong

Movie: Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

Directed by: Emily Ting

Starring: Jamie Chung, Bryan Greenberg

Plot: A budding romance develops between a first time visitor and an expat banker as they walk and talk in the bustling night streets of Hong Kong.

Our Take: Out of all the countries in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong falls into the category of one time, big time countries to visit. Nonetheless, making every trip count is what traveling is really all about and this movie offers the perfect reference for what to look forward to in Hong Kong: the bustling, teeming, colorful nightlife. This movie, featuring the budding romance between two strangers in a new city, definitely gave off the impression that Hong Kong never sleeps at night.

Serious Case of Wanderlust: 3.5/5

Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong

More about the nightlife in Hong Kong: One of the nightlife hot spots featured is Lan Kwai Fong, which is probably one of the most famous streets in Hong Kong, housing over 90 restaurants and bars. Another place to get a heavy dose of the Hong Kong nightlife is The Temple Street night market, a famous street bazaar is filled with trinkets, opera singers, fortune tellers, and of course, street food. Nightlife in Hong Kong definitely calls for hip and casual attire!

Learn more about Hong Kong here: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/eng/index.jsp

3. Travel to Indonesia to Eat Pray Love

Movie: Eat Pray Love

Directed by: Ryan Murphy

Starring: Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem, James Franco

Plot: In an attempt to rediscover herself after her failed marriage, Elizabeth Gilbert travelled around the world in search of food, faith, and new love.

Our Take: Though not solely focused on Southeast Asia alone, this movie had one of the best portrayals of solo traveling and one of the most beautiful features of Indonesia. After feeding herself in Rome and looking for faith in India, Liz travels to Indonesia to meditate, further seek understanding of her life and open herself up to love again. In this movie, Bali is featured as an enchanting laid back country travelers go to to seek healing and respite, be it physical, mental, or spiritual.

Serious Case of Wanderlust: 4/5

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

More about Ubud in Bali: The book and movie adaptation of Eat Pray Love made Ubud one of the most famous tourist attractions in Indonesia. The main highlight, the beautiful and untouched rice terraces, is only a short walking distance away from the main streets of the province and offers unlimited access to nature, serenity, and peace of mind.The main streets itself of Ubud also offers a variety of genuine Balinese activities to do. Coupled with a big straw hat, sunglasses, and a perfect novel, this healing trip in Bali will be definitely one for the books.

Learn more about Indonesia here: https://www.indonesia.travel/gb/en/home

2. Party in Singapore with the Crazy Rich Asians

Movie: Crazy Rich Asians

Starring: Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh

Plot: Rachel was only supposed to have a simple getting-to-know with Nick’s family when he invited her to his best friend’s wedding. However, things are not what she expected it to be when she found out that her boyfriend was the only son of one of the richest family in Singapore.

Our Take: Rich is a complete understatement of this movie. A complete fusion of Chinese culture, food, tradition, and filial piety, this movie handsomely featured the glorious lifestyle of the blue blood, old money, and elegantly rich families in the backdrop of modern Singapore. In addition to all that, it also showcased some of the most notable and beautiful places the most advanced country in Asia has to offer. A definite must for food, culture, and party lovers!

Serious Case of Wanderlust: 4/5

Marina Bay Sands, Bayfront Avenue, Singapore

More about Singapore: The first two places featured in the movie is the Singapore Changi Airport, the top international airport in the world and the hawker Newton Food Center which offers some of the best Asian food in town and where the world’s cheapest Michelin-star is served. The main highlight of the movie featured the two must-stop itinerary in Singapore such as the Gardens by the Bay and the famous Marina Bay Sands. Make sure to be prepared with a cocktail dress when you come to Singapore in case you might get invited to a party or to some fancy restaurant!

Learn more about Singapore here: https://www.visitsingapore.com/en/

1. Search for the perfect paradise, The Beach,

in Thailand

Movie: The Beach

Directed by: Danny Boyle

Starring: Leonardo DiCarpio, Tilda Swinton

Plot: In search of a perfect paradise, Richard travels to Thailand and sets out with newly acquainted friends only to find out that there is a heavy price to pay for what he is looking for.

Our Take: “In the perfect beach resort, nothing is allowed to interrupt the pursuit of pleasure.” Nothing screams forbidden paradise more than this movie. A perfect beach resort and a secret community nobody can join and nobody can leave sounds like the perfect recipe for a mind boggling travel film and this one did not disappoint. In a way, just like Richard, we are all lone travelers in search of our own little untainted perfect paradise. The question is, how much are we willing to pay to keep that paradise hidden? As depicted in this movie, the Southeast Asia region is rich with myths and legends as well as the home to some of the most pristine white sand beaches in the world, a definite must for your backpacking itinerary!

Serious Case of Wanderlust: 4/5

Hat Maya, Phi Phi Leh Island, Thailand

More about the island: The setting of this movie took place in Hat Maya or Maya Bay, the main tourist attraction of the Phi Phi Leh Island near Phuket, Thailand. It is approximately one and half an hour away from the Krabi and Phuket Pier and accessible by a daily ferry/speedboat. The best time to visit the Maya Bay is between November and April. Make sure to pack a lot of sunscreen for this trip, take nothing and leave nothing behind in the island!

Learn more about Thailand here: https://www.tourismthailand.org/

Nothing really compares to Southeast Asia when it comes to traveling. The ball game is completely different per country no matter how close it is to our home country, geographically and culturally speaking. All the same, that is the very essence of traveling! We hope these movies helped you visualize and plan that Southeast Asia backpacking dream trip, and together with Team Aisela let’s turn it into a reality someday!

On the other hand, If you’re looking for ideas for Europe, you might want to check out our previous blog:


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Aisela Travel’s First Pivot Business: TRAVEL VIDEOS MADE FOR YOU!

Written by: Marielle Barraza

How is Team Aisela and the whole travel industry doing amidst the COVID19 pandemic?

BACK STORY: Prior the announcement of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), Team Aisela has already decided to adapt the work from home arrangement in order ensure the safety of our employees without sacrificing our work as we do our tasks remotely. Our work from home set-up allows us to continue answering inquiries, retain our presence on social media, send out emails, and conduct online meetings and calls. We were able to adjust well to our “new normal” and was able to produce good output during the first month. However, just as we were preparing to get back on our feet again with our new campaigns and initiatives, we are faced with yet another challenge when the government issued an announcement that industries such as the travel industry cannot operate until end of August. Since we are in a situation no one wants to be in, we decided to roll with punches and started coming up with new ideas to pivot our business.

Throughout our brainstorming, we always kept in mind the very core of Aisela as a customer-oriented company with service as our passion. That’s when we realized that there are probably a lot of people who have compilations of forgotten old photos and videos that are left somewhere in their laptops or hard drive. Precious memories from birthdays, travels, wedding and other important life occasions stored away and forgotten. With the desire to restore and create something to remind people of their precious memories, our video editing services came about in partnership with our sister entertainment company, Manila Transfer Inc. We are currently serving and in partnership with vloggers, schools, restaurants, fitness studios, and other establishments that need help creating videos, whether for personal use or for company marketing.

If you are also in need of video editing services, feel free to message us! Let us help each other get through these trying times. Don’t miss out our introductory rates which are only valid until end of ECQ/GCQ. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our Top 6 Feel Good, Must-Watch Travel List: Europe Category

Written by: Frances Nito

We believe that a cup of change in perspective, a dash of chance at great opportunities, and a sprinkle of new people to meet and discover along the way is the perfect recipe for a good travel movie. In this blog, we have compiled our top 6 must-watch travel list: Europe Category.

Is our list the same as yours?


Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Directed by: Wes Anderson

Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori, Saoirse Ronan

Plot: A writer revisits the once majestic Grand Budapest Hotel and discovers the real story behind the murder allegations about the previous owner. This dramedy (drama-comedy) tackles misfortune, nostalgia, loyalty and friendship rolled into one.

Our Take: Just to set the expectations, the movie didn’t take place in Budapest as a lot of people had expected it to be, but in “Zubrowka” a fictional European country. Most of the main scenes in the movie were shot in different European cities in Germany and mainly featuring Gorlitz in Saxony, Germany. Interestingly enough, despite the lack of scenic views of the country, the movie still falls under our feel good, must-watch Europe list because of the perfect execution of its cinematography by Wes Anderson. The aesthetically pleasing color combinations of the whole movie and the slow paced setting results in a nostalgia for the hotel and by extension awakens a desire to travel and visit the alluringly beautiful city.

Sharing here a link that you can visit to get a glimpse of where the film was shot – https://www.searchlightpictures.com/thegrandbudapesthotel/

Serious Case of Wanderlust Rating: 3.5/5


Movie: Leap Year

Directed by: Anand Tucker

Starring: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode

Plot: Anna Brady decides to travel to Dublin, Ireland in an attempt to pull off a romantic proposal to her boyfriend on a leap day. However, she was not able to foresee the challenges she’ll have to face along the way.

Our Take: A classic love story between a strong-headed city girl travelling to a serene countryside meeting a handsome local guy never gets old thus making this rom-com travel movie a must for our category. This movie also hits the perfect spot as it was able to strike a balance between the love story of two people with two opposing personalities against the backdrop of the charms of Ireland. Who wouldn’t want to visit such a relaxed, quaint, peaceful country full of sublime views of nature?

Serious Case of Wanderlust Rating: 3.5/5


Movie: Under the Tuscan Sun

Directed by: Audrey Wells

Starring: Diane Lane, Sandra Oh, Lindsay Duncan, Raoul Bova

Plot: In order to move on with life after her divorce, Frances Mayes travels to Tuscany and buys an old and dilapidated villa which she decides to restore to its former glory.

Our Take: There always comes a time in our lives when life becomes too much to handle and taking a step back is the only way to cope and move on. Traveling is one of the ways to cope with reality as accurately portrayed in this movie and nothing feels more satisfying in travel movies than watching the main character have another glorious chance at life and yes, even love at the most unexpected moments.

Serious Case of Wanderlust Rating: 4/5


Movie: Letters to Juliet

Directed by: Gary Winick

Starring: Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Redgrave, Christopher Egan

Plot: Aspiring writer Sophie travels to the city of love, Verona, with her fiance and comes across a group of ladies known as ‘secretaries of Juliet’ who answers love letters.

Our Take: This movie is our top 3 movie in our list based in Italy and we have no regrets because this movie well deserves the spot. Not only is the story about reuniting lovers after 50 years very endearing, the relationship between Sophie and Charlie is equally entertaining as well. What’s more, there’s a heavy dose of the stunning picturesque rolling hills of Verona in this movie and we just couldn’t get enough of it!

Serious Case of Wanderlust Rating: 4/5


Movie: Midnight in Paris

Directed by: Woody Allen

Starring: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Lea Seydoux

Plot: Gil always dreamt of living as a writer in the romantic and beautiful city of Paris. One night, he found himself whisked off back in time to meet some of the most famous and celebrated writers and painters who ever lived.

Our Take: If there is one word to describe this movie, it would be: nostalgic. This whole movie is seeping with a writer’s nostalgia for the past, a period he missed because he was born centuries too late. With all this mix of emotions, one couldn’t help but sympathize with Gil. Who wouldn’t want to travel to this perfect era? Woody Allen further deepens the yearning by inserting beautiful sceneries and still images of the romantic city of Paris. This film will surely not only awaken your desire to immediately pack up and go to Paris, it will also make you feel nostalgic of the city even before you get there.

Serious Case of Wanderlust Rating: 4/5


Movie: Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Directed by: Ben Stiller

Starring: Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Jon Daly

Plot: In order to retain his job as a negative assets manager, Walter Mitty embarks on a long and unplanned journey which took him to Greenland, Iceland, and the Himalayas in search of an elusive photographer.

Our Take: This movie is probably one of the best movies to watch when you’re coming down with a serious case of wanderlust. The representation of Ben Stiller’s character in this movie is nothing short of an actual representation of an ordinary officer worker in need of a good break. What makes this movie the top must watch in our travel list, besides the endearing adventures of Walter Mitty, is the view of where his adventures took him: the scenic Iceland and majestic Himalayas. Quintessentially, this movie is about being able to take the leap and saying yes to life and adventure no matter where it takes us. As Life’s Magazine motto goes, “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

Serious Case of Wanderlust Rating: 4.5/5

We felt a serious case of wanderlust for Europe after watching these movies. Have you felt it too? Here is how Team Aisela can help you feed that wanderlust of yours in the meantime.

Let us also know your feel good, must-watch movies set in Europe!! Perhaps we can set up a Netflix Watch Party together! 🙂 Stay home everyone!


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Secrets of San Vicente, Palawan

Written by: Donna Reyes

Years ago, San Vicente was hardly on anyone’s radar – a spot known only to the most adventurous of travelers willing to brave the long and bumpy ride from Puerto Princesa.

The roads have since been paved and the town opened its own airport in 2017. San Vicente now rivals its more famous neighbors Coron and El Nido as one of the top destinations in Palawan.

Photo by Donna Reyes

San Vicente is the perfect choice for those looking for a quiet laid back vacation. Its main attraction – the 14km beachfront known as Long Beach – is dotted by occasional resorts and properties in development. But take a stroll along its tree-lined shores and you’re sure to find an empty stretch of sand to while away the rest of the day.

San Vicente looks stunning in the daytime, but it becomes even more magical at dusk. While there’s not much nightlife to speak of along Long Beach (You’ll have to go to Port Barton for that), visitors are treated to fantastic sunset views and a blanket of stars as the light fades away.

Photo by Trixie Segundo
Photos by Donna Reyes

Travel Tips:

Prep for sand fleas

As a relatively untouched beach, San Vicente unfortunately has its share of sand fleas. Sand fleas are tiny and are hard to see with the naked eye, but their bites are incredibly itchy and can last for weeks. Take the necessary precautions so they don’t ruin your holiday: 1) Use a beach mat or blanket instead of laying on the sand directly; 2) Apply bug spray frequently (As much as possible, use natural chemical-free repellents as they are safer for your health and the environment); 3) try to head to the beach in the morning or afternoon and avoid the sand at dusk or after rain since sand fleas love cooler weather.

Photo by Donna Reyes

Explore by land and by sea

A great way to explore Long Beach is by motorbike, whether on your own or with a guide. Resorts typically offer their own motorbike rentals and guided tours, or connect you with a local service. When you’re done with the beach, head up to Bato ni Ningning, a popular spot in the hills overlooking Irawan Beach. It provides a 360-degree view of grassy hills, tall palm trees and the glistening West Philippine Sea.

Island hopping tours are also available, taking you to nearby beaches such as Inaladelan, Exotic Island and Starfish Island. Port Barton – a backpacker’s paradise with small inns, bars and restaurants lining its shores – is also best reached by boat.

Photo by Trixie Segundo

Accommodations for different budgets

Club Agutaya is the clear choice for those who want luxury accommodations. But we opted to stay at the newly-opened Lazuli, a boutique beachfront property in Alimanguan. The rooms are spacious and well-maintained, and a small outdoor pool is available for guests who want a break from the waves. Lazuli’s best asset is its staff, who went above and beyond expectations to help us during our stay. Make sure to try Chef Jonel’s famous pizza, and ask Jong to make you one of his signature cocktails.

Keep an eye out for turtles

Visit between October to March and you might be lucky enough to catch sea turtles coming ashore to nest. We had the scare of our lives one evening as we stumbled upon an olive ridley crawling in the dark. Two nights later, we spotted another turtle and watched in awe as it lay dozens of eggs. San Vicente residents take great pride in their environmental conservation efforts, and some local businesses maintain turtle sanctuaries and encourage guests to help with hatchling releases.

Photos by Donna Reyes

Ride the waves

San Vicente is making a name for itself as a surfing destination. The waves in Alimanguan are challenging enough for experienced surfers, but the friendly beach break makes it safe for newbies as well. A few places offer board rentals and lessons but we highly recommend San Vic Surf, located at Siztoms Chillout Corner. It’s run by a friendly woman named Siz, who happily takes photos and videos of her guests as they surf. In between sessions, Siz and her instructors can be found in the restaurant whipping up meals and serving drinks to hungry patrons. We spent our last night hanging out with the San Vic crew at a bonfire they prepared especially for us – a perfect way to end our vacation.

How to get there

Skyjet and Philippine Airlines have daily direct flights to San Vicente from Clark and Manila. Travel time is 1.5 hours. Tricycles are available at the airport, but many resorts and hotels offer free transfers.

You can also opt to fly to Puerto Princesa, and make your way to San Vicente by land. Public buses run twice daily from San Jose Terminal, but public vans make multiple trips and can get you there faster. Buses can take up to 5 hours, while vans make less stops and can make the trip in 4 hours.

Photos by Trixie Segundo

However you choose to get there, I highly recommend booking through Aisela Travel – they can make arrangements for your transfers, accommodations, tours and activities. They take away the stress of planning so you can focus on enjoying your vacation. 

At first glance, San Vicente may not have the thrills and attractions offered by other destinations like Bohol or Boracay. But therein lies the appeal. Despite the influx of tourists, the residents have managed to preserve San Vicente’s raw beauty and maintain its provincial charm. It’s as close to paradise as one can find.

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