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7 Sustainable Practices You Can Do Right Now

Written by: Frances Nito

It has been four months since the start of the community quarantine and living with the new normal is not easy, but definitely something we can adapt to. We believe that if there is one positive thing that came out of this pandemic, our mother earth was able to breathe again, even if for a short while, in the four months that the world stood still.

Being one with the earth, we in Aisela take a stand in promoting these seven sustainable practices everyone can do right now.

Skip straws and plastic utensils when ordering take-out and delivered food.

With eating dine-in being allowed only until lately and with the strict compliance to social distancing, ordering take-out and delivered food has become the norm. For those eating at home, always opt to skip straws and plastic utensils! You can add it as a small note at the end of your every order.

Bring your eco bags when buying groceries.

It is common knowledge that our oceans, beaches, and other bodies of water are choke filled with garbage, usually caused by plastic. You can help by lessening your consumption of single use plastic and plastic bags from groceries by bringing your very own reusable ecobags and tote bags every time you shop.

Use washable face masks instead of disposable ones.

With the increase in demand for single use, disposable face masks also comes a trail of garbage left in its wake. As millions of people buy and throw these disposable face masks by the day, they have slowly become the next contributor to sea pollution, closing in on plastic. By using washable face masks, you not only help control the sea pollution, you also get to save your money by only buying once your face masks and make your own fashion statement!

Bring your own tumbler and water bottles when buying drinks outside.

By bringing your own tumbler and water bottles, you also take another step further in avoiding and lessening your consumption of single use plastic and paper cups which helps not only our oceans, but our trees as well. There are also some shops and stores that offer various and interesting deals when you bring your own tumbler.

Use your bike or electric scooter when doing quick errands or lend it to someone who needs it.

If you have a bike or electric scooter at home, now is the perfect time to bring it out and use it for your quick errands to the grocery. With the absence of common modes of transportation such as tricycles and jeepneys, a lot of people have resorted to walking in order to get to their work. If you have an extra bike or are not using yours and is only sitting idly at home, put it to better use and lend it to anyone who is in need! Make sure also to use these transportations when you’re going to travel just for a short distance instead of driving your car.

Conserve water and electricity at home!

Paying water and electric bills is no joke and no small feat, we’ve seen how much bills have spiked up during this quarantine. It takes up quite a certain amount of your salary and we often take it for granted. In order to avoid higher water and electric bill consumption, always unplug your electronic devices when not in use. Alternating the use of high consuming appliances such as air-condition, television, and washing machines every other day is also highly recommendable.

Continue supporting local and sustainable businesses.

The pandemic has limited the movement of people outside, but not on social media. The demand for local goods and staple needs have increased dramatically and we have witnessed over and over again in different social media platforms an abundant support to the local businesses offering these products. Small and simple acts such as buying and sharing their products online is sometimes enough support for them. Some of the local and sustainable businesses we, in Aisela, support are the following:

Daydream Republic – pinboard maps and reusable products

Pilianiph – wellness products and special blend of Pili and Elemi oils

Dream Coffee – single estate Arabic coffee beans from Tboli farmers

Tara Baraha – card decks featuring the Philippines

Kalinga HandWoven Masks – face masks with a variety of Kalinga weave

With all that we have said above, we still encourage everyone to stay at home most especially when we do not have anything important to do outside. Staying home doesn’t only protect ourselves but also our loved ones around us. Let us all stay home and travel together tomorrow!

We can’t wait to #ExplorewithAisela again with you all!

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