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Aisela Travel’s First Pivot Business: TRAVEL VIDEOS MADE FOR YOU!

Written by: Marielle Barraza

How is Team Aisela and the whole travel industry doing amidst the COVID19 pandemic?

BACK STORY: Prior the announcement of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), Team Aisela has already decided to adapt the work from home arrangement in order ensure the safety of our employees without sacrificing our work as we do our tasks remotely. Our work from home set-up allows us to continue answering inquiries, retain our presence on social media, send out emails, and conduct online meetings and calls. We were able to adjust well to our “new normal” and was able to produce good output during the first month. However, just as we were preparing to get back on our feet again with our new campaigns and initiatives, we are faced with yet another challenge when the government issued an announcement that industries such as the travel industry cannot operate until end of August. Since we are in a situation no one wants to be in, we decided to roll with punches and started coming up with new ideas to pivot our business.

Throughout our brainstorming, we always kept in mind the very core of Aisela as a customer-oriented company with service as our passion. That’s when we realized that there are probably a lot of people who have compilations of forgotten old photos and videos that are left somewhere in their laptops or hard drive. Precious memories from birthdays, travels, wedding and other important life occasions stored away and forgotten. With the desire to restore and create something to remind people of their precious memories, our video editing services came about in partnership with our sister entertainment company, Manila Transfer Inc. We are currently serving and in partnership with vloggers, schools, restaurants, fitness studios, and other establishments that need help creating videos, whether for personal use or for company marketing.

If you are also in need of video editing services, feel free to message us! Let us help each other get through these trying times. Don’t miss out our introductory rates which are only valid until end of ECQ/GCQ. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Thank you and let’s #ExplorewithAisela through reliving these memories first!

Stay safe, stay home, travel tomorrow!

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