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Snap and Shoot: Tips on How to Take the Best Photos on Your Next Travel 2.0

*Questions answered by the DiscoverMNL Team

Lucky and Waltz of Discover MNL also answers some of the most asked questions related to travel photography composition such as:

1) What are the best editing apps?

-Lightroom for desktop and Lightroom, VSCO, Snapseed for mobile phone

2) When is “too much” when it comes to editing?

-When areas of your photos appear to be “sunog” or overexposed. Make sure, in coloring your photos, that you don’t lose necessary details in the photo and mind your skin tones. Let’s not create orange people!

3) What is the recommended lens for landscape photography?

-XF 8-16 MM F2.8 R LM OIS WR

4) What is the best lens to bring when travelling that can-do landscape and some portraits?

-XF 16 MM F1.4 WR and XF 18-55 MM F2.8-4 R LM OIS

5) Any advice for taking food photos?

-If possible, shoot with natural light. Use custom white balance. In case of uneven lighting, fill in shadows using a reflector, or any white surface available. Our go-to lens is XF 35 MM F1.4 R and XF 80 MM (macro) for less distortions and more sharp and detailed food shots. In editing, enhance the colors, but keep them as close as possible to the actual color of the food.

6) Any tips for beginners?

-Don’t overthink! Shoot until you discover what fits your personality best. You don’t always have to know everything from the beginning, have fun learning as you go.

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The DiscoverMNL Team photography tips in the link below! Learn from the one of the best!

Snap and Shoot: Tips On How To Take The Best Photos On Your Next Travel

Remember that practice and progression are key to get that perfect travel photo of yours! If you have questions about photography and travel, follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated. 

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