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What Makes the Philippines So Special?

Written by: Liana Casten
Edited by: Marielle Barraza & Trixie Segundo


Coined by foreigners who frequent the Philippines for island hopping, surfing, and diving — just to name a few of the exciting activities in the country! More than the beach vibe it portrays, there are many other things why the country attracts visitors from all over the world.

What I love about traveling in my homeland? 

Amiable People and Universal Communication

Filipinos are naturally hospitable, incomparable to the rest of the world. We are well-known to be helpful, kind, friendly, and respectful.

Aside from the outgoing personality, we are also efficient communicators. Tagalog is our dialect, English as the second language. But the latter is our preferred communication in school, business or government setting. We are able to communicate the language (English) well. There is no need for Google Translate just in case a foreigner asks for directions.

Countless Malls and Bazaars

Hail to the land of a shopping mecca. Almost 40% of Metro Manila’s scenes are malls (aside from condominiums and office buildings). We are crazy about shopping, it’s also a way for us to bond and spend time with our loved ones.

There are also a handful of bazaars and flea markets within and outside the metro but Divisoria, Greenhills, Taytay (Rizal) and Baguio are frequent choices of shoppers. 

Calm and Breezy Weather

Although the climate has been unpredictable since global warming, weather in the Philippines does not reach extreme hot or extremely cold temperatures. Anyone can easily adapt to the tropical weather.

The best time to visit the Philippines is between November and May because June to October is the rainy season.

Savory Food

Although our cuisine is not popular in the foreign market compared to French, Italian, or Japanese food, we are quite a household name when it comes to seafood and exotic food (balut, isaw,  and other barbeque goods).

Filipinos love to eat. Bonding over food is a thing for locals, especially during special occasions. There are some spots in the Metro that are popular havens for food tripping namely Kapitolyo (Pasig City) and Poblacion (Makati City) but it is not limited in those areas because every corner in the country caters to food lovers!

The 7,641 Beautiful Islands 

One of the country’s assets that foreigners describe as paradise is the large island groups.

According to Travel + Leisure, Palawan is 2019’s 2nd Best Island in The World. It’s three popular locations namely Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron not only offers exciting activities and breathtaking sights but also its famous limestone rocks, white sands, and clear blue waters. These destinations set us apart from the rest of the world!

There are are also many others such as Siargao, Siquijor, Cebu, and Romblon that should be in your bucket list. (Tuned in for more stories about the different Philippine provinces!)

Another great news is we are recently hailed as World’s Best Diving Destination by World Travel Awards. The Philippines indeed offer much more than the usual surfing and paragliding combo!

Captivating Land Attractions 

The Philippines is not limited to sand, sea, and surf kind of thing. It also offers land attractions such as mountains and hills (Banaue, Batangas, and Bohol), volcanoes (Tagaytay and Bicol), ruins (Corregidor), and preserved architecture (Vigan and Batanes).

Vibrant Local Scene, Culture, and Heritage

As a Filipino, I am very proud of our culture and heritage.

One of our national identity is ‘habi’ (weaving). It is a traditional textile handmade by indigenous people of the Philippines from different provinces. The finished product of weavers is a result of colorful fabrics. The craft still exists up to this day. 

Festivals (fiestas) are sought after occasions both for locals and non-locals. They focus either on religious traditions or historical events of the country. It is celebrated throughout the year and last for a month or more. The most famous ones are Sinulog Festival (Cebu City), Pahiyas Festival (Lucban, Quezon), Panagbenga Festival (Baguio City), Moriones Festival (Marinduque), and Maskara Festival (Bacolod City).

There you have it. We do live up with our tagline of IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES. I really hope people will visit and appreciate the beauty of our country. What are you waiting for?

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